Teeth Whitening

Quality Teeth Whitening In Lancaster

Laser teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most effective ways of lightening your teeth and enhancing your looks. Whether you want to add sparkle to your smile for a special occasion or simply want to smile with confidence, whitening is simple, affordable and safe.

laser teeth whitening lancaster

Why whiten?

There are a number of reasons why you might get your teeth whitened. Everyone is different; and just as our hair and skin colour vary, so do our teeth. Very few people have brilliant-white teeth, and our teeth can also become more discoloured as we get older.

Your teeth can also be stained on the surface by food and drinks such as coffee and tea, red wine and blackcurrants. Smoking is  a big contributor to stained teeth.

‘Calculus’ or tartar can also affect the colour of your teeth. Some people may have staining under the surface, which can be caused by certain antibiotics or by tiny cracks in the teeth which take up stains.

Many people say they feel more confident after the treatment, having erased the effects of all the above.

How long will the treatment last?

How long your teeth stay whiter and brighter after treatment is down to you. Stay away from stain-culprits and keep up a good oral health routine.

How long is the laser teeth whitening session?

Because we use the most advanced lasers, treatment is quick, safe & effective. A single 45-minute laser tooth whitening appointment is all it takes for years of built-up tooth discoloration to be removed.

How white will my teeth get?


Is laser teeth whitening safe?


Can I have veneers or crowns whitened?